Reordering points when they're not in a grid

This is my first post here, so hopefully someone can help me out. I’ve looked everywhere I can for a solution…

I have a mesh I’ve created from a bitmap image. As you can see from the image attached, I’ve deconstructed it and connected the resulting points with a repeating line pattern that goes mostly in a horizontal direction. This is an excellent start and exactly what I want for the first pass. But then I get stuck:

I’d like to interpolate a line on the same set of points, but have the lines go in a few different directions - 30-degrees, 60-degrees, and 90-degrees from the current set. I have a basic understanding of components like Flip Matrix and Relative Item, which I assumed would help me, but I can’t see the way forward. How can I reorder the points so they count in different directions. Can anyone advise? (666.4 KB) (93.3 KB)

Thanks @Mahdiyar.

I think I see what you did to straighten those out. Maybe you can walk me through it very briefly just in case?

I still don’t quite see how I’m going to get those lines to run along different vectors though. I thought, if I could make it into a grid with u v coordinates, I could use Relative Item to connect points in different rows, but I can’t seem to do any of that - and I imagine there’s a more straightforward method.

If I wasn’t clear earlier, I’m looking for something somewhat like this (done in illustrator, so apologies if it’s a little wonky):

Maybe there’s a cleaner way to get an outline from this collection of points than Convex Hull, which doesn’t do any of the interior contours of the shape. Then I could run a line through the points on the boundary?