Getting a line from 2 points to go the 'right' direction (GRASSHOPPER)

Hi So i have a 2 trees of points arranged in a ring, almost. and while ive gotten lucky with getting some lines to go the right direction, i cant seem to get this set to go the right way.

Here’s the layout of the points, simplified

Here’s the problem i’m facing

and here’s how im using the line 2 point node

I’ve tried shifting branches etc but i cant get anything to work.

Any ideas? am i missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance

You could try to sort these points first. Any chance for you to upload this definition?

Hi Lukasz

I can but im ashamed to upload the mess im working in.

Here’s a snap shot of of the problem. I’ve been using flip matrix, dispatch, weave and various other tree tools to get the lines i need. If you would like that, let me know. it’ll take me a while to clean everything up.



You don’t need to clean anything. just internalise input curves and copy those 3 components into new grasshopper file

Upload to rhino (42.1 KB)

Sorry i thought i uploaded this file to that message :joy:

Thanks for taking a look

Something like that?
Upload to rhino (40.2 KB)

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You’re amazing! Thanks so much.

For the sake of the forum and my knowledge, could you explain the logic behind it?


Lines weren’t sorted in the right (desired) order. you can check it by checking list of end points. Than shift to match correct (desired) order.

Upload to rhino (10.2 KB)

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