Get coordinates from Gumball in Sub-object mode

Hi everybody,

Started modeling with the Rhino 7 SubD’s and as an former T-Splines and Blender modeller I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Rhino7 to have this official.
I did quite some SubD modeling in Blender and I would like to have a coordinate readout of the gumball’s location in World Space. As I’m designing ships it would be very helpfull to have instant / live feedback on the location of selected points. Now I’m using the Setpoint command and set the location per axis when needed, but this is a tedious way to get things lining up. Just like the cursor has it’s live location in the lower left corner of the interface, something similar for the gumball would be very welcome.

Try to search the forum, but haven’t found much about it yet.


Hi, I’m using a button to set the C-Plane to the gumball for various things and this can also be used to retrieve the C-Plane origin. Right now this just prints the coordinates in the command line.

Hi Martin,

Obviously I would like this to be automated, but this is a good start!

Thank you. I will implement this for now.

Hi Mark,

What is it you are doing exactly when you “get things lining up”. I assume this is why you want the coordinate location of a selection but I’m also wondering if you are trying to flatten edge loops or faces and that’s why you want the location in the first place. Can you post a sample model and show what you want to do faster? I think Align > ToPlane may help now and we have an averaged ToFitPlane option in the works as well which isn’t public yet. That might also be useful.