How can I get the co-ords of the gumball?

Occasionally, I’d like to use the gumball’s present location as a reference to or from another operation but don’t know how I can acquire the actual co-ordinates to use in a command. Is there a way to get this info can perhaps copy it to the clipboard in a format suitable for pasting into the command line where a point is expected?

Any help appreciated.


Hmm… I do not see a good way to do this off hand.

V6 will have an option to set the Cplane to the current gumball frame, so that may be enough (?) and it may also become possible to extract that info in a script, but not, as far as I can tell, in V5.


Well that’s disappointing. I was hoping that the data about where the gumball is currently located could be accessible at least to the scripting gurus. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by the “gumball frame” - could you please eloborate?

Is there any way that you know of that will allow me to extract the co-ordinates of a vertex/point or the currently snapped-to position? I know I can see this info via the floating tooltip, but being able to “grab” that info and put it on the clipboard for feeding into other commands could be quite useful.

EvaluatePt will get you the values of any point to snap to. The gumball frame is the ‘frame’ defining the gumball’s plane - origin, X, Y and Z axes as vectors.