Get blocks volumes and export them in Excel


I’m using Rhino 6 with a model that contains several instances of different blocks.
For analysis purposes, I’m trying to export the informations of each block in an Excel spreadhseet.

I found this script that works well :

But I’m trying to implement new columns, and the most important would be the volume that I would like to get from each block.

I tried to use the Rhino.SurfaceVolume command that returns an array, but that does not work on a Block, it has to be used on a closed polysurface.

I’m quite new at RhinoScript, so I tried to do it with Rhino.command lines : Select Object, then Rhino.Command("_-Volume")

This sounds like something that could work (even if I think it’s poorly written) but I’m wondering if there is a way to cath the output of this last line ?

Differently from this solution, do you have suggestions on how I could work this out ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Antoine - you’d have to get the volumes from the objects returned by rs.BlockObjects(blockName).


A low level of automation would be with Elefront in Grasshopper. You can retrieve geometry from the blocks and analyze volumes. If you display the values in a panel, you can copy paste to Excel.

I’ve used GhExcel and gHowl for more streamlined work flows, but that’s long ago… the plug-ins are both quite old.

Thank you!