Exporting Object user data to Excel

Hi there,

In the drawing I use “Object user data”, to attach data to blocks.
I would like to export this data to Excel.
I know how to export the “Object user data” per block.
How to export the data of multiple blocks at once?

Rhino 7, windows 10

Thank you

Hi Ron, this is possible, but could you provide some example data as rhinofile or ghdefinition? this will make it much easier to help you. Ideally also how you want the exported data formatted in excel.


Hi Ron - are you adding user data as user text? That can be exported to csv-


Overzicht hang en sluitwerk.3dm (3.8 MB)

Overzicht hang en sluitwerk
I added Object user data

Hello - export to CSV should get this information.


Hello Pascal,
I want to export all the blocks in the drawing.
I select multiple blocks, but only one block is exported

BlockInstanceName,Insteekslot 104K WC Rechts 40/8 Messing Chroom drie-delige anti-rammel schoot
Article number,1102.0055

Here, more than one block is exported to csv but the instance level user text is lost - I’ll look into this.
RH-65035 Export csv: instance user text is skipped




How did you access that pop-up window with checkboxes? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks.

select the blocks, then export

@D.Ronald - did you find this? The dialog in my image is the export dialog when CSV is the chosen export format.


@Pascal, @ron9

I tried all of these things previously on both Windows Rhino 6 and Rhino 7 (both latest Service Releases). That popup dialogue never shows or is an option. That’s why I asked. It’s a great feature.

I even tried enabling the Options > Advanced settings of export document user data:

Hello- select any object, type Export and Enter. Choose CSV as the export format.


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Hi Pascal,
This is the result.

@D.Ronald, @pascal
Where can i find these settings, i can not find them

@pascal @D.Ronald
Overzicht hang en sluitwerk
The blocks have key’s that i don’t see in the CVS file.
We are getting close… :grinning: