Volume of Block Instance

How can I get the volume of a block instance ? - the volume command draws a blank.


I can get the volume if I explode the block.

Hi Keith - you can get the volume from within the BlockEdit command (double-click the block instance)


Nudge, nudge, I asked for this in the block manager thread : )

Dramatization: Okay, we are done with everything; we have a lot of blocks. Now then, how much does this thing weight?

After saving a temporary scrap copy of my work, because no one would want this on your main drawing, one would:

Select blocks ; explode blocks…and so on until no blocks are selected.

Now, you can get volumes. In this way you are not going to accidentally explode polysurfaces, or curves, or something.

The Volume command in Rhino WIP works on blocks…


Brenda, for this the command explodeblock is useful:

It might ease the pain a little.

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Thank you Dale and Pascal.

Hi Dale
Can we use the rhino command inWIP? On a group of blocks to give estimated volume of our project?

Hi @dale,

Yes, the Volume commands in Rhino 6 works on blocks.

– Dale

I have a load of screws on a layer, I need now to see what their volume is, I use BlockEdit as per Pascal above, it asks select the instabces, I right click layer select objects nothing happens.
ok try selecting them first, right click layer select objects, nothing happens.

I use SelBlocknamed and get them, I then run BlockEdit and they become unselected and it asks to select them…aaaaaagh !

How can I quickly find out their number (qty) and volume ?


No, it doesn’t.
It says “Select block to edit” - singular. Not plural.

Use BlockManager > Count.

Double-click a block instance. Select the object. Run Volume.

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