Calcul de surface de matériaux


Est-il possible d’extraire d’un projet les surfaces des différents composants de murs?

Merci d’avance,

This is not possible right now in a straight forward way. I mean, the VisualARQ tables can list properties of the objects, but not the information of their style components, such as the thickness or the area of a specific wall layer. This feature is expected in a future VisualARQ version. (I’ll keep you posted)
However, there are workarounds to calculate them. You can create a custom parameter called “Wall Layer “X” Area”, and assign the proper value to the whole wall object. Since you know the layer thickness in relation to the whole wall thickness you can calculate the area of it. (This might not work with precision depending on the wall wrappings). This process can be automated using GH components, and the values can be assigned to referenced walls with the Update Property component.

Hello, there is any news about it?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a there are no news about this feature.