Geometry sometimes disappears in streched viewport when zooming in and out


I made some custom views with stretched ratio. When zooming in or out, sometimes the geometry disappears. When zooming further or clicking it sometimes shows it again, sometimes not. Is this is a bug? Its nothing critical, but can be quite annoying. Is there maybe a better way to stretch a view?

I’m using Rhino 6

zoom 1

zoom 2

zoom 3

Hello - can you export the display mode (Options > View > Displaymodes page > Export button) and post it here?



hey pascal.I‘ll do on monday, already starting my weekend.
I believe its not due clipping. I just copied normal shaded mode and modified x ratio to 0.2 in general view settings

OK, thanks, I’ll try that. No need for the ini file.

@TomTom - if you turn on the camera (F6) in the skinny viewport and watch it in the other views as you zoom you can see what happens to the frustum when the object disappears… I’m not sure what to make of that but I’ll pass it along.


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thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:
stretched views are very useful in class A modelling to check overall curvature smoothness and to detect wavy flows. When modelling with Icem Surf it is one the most common commands to use. I believe this is a very simple but useful feature. I strongly promote to implement a better control of this streched feature. I didn’t even notice that this is possible until a workmate showed me this „hidden“ feature. He also found out how to control it by script. Before this, I 1d scaled the geometry, which works as well but it has obvious drawbacks. In Icem Surf you can control streched views by drawing a rectangle. I think VSR had it too. Very practical feature

@TomTom - see if the attached script helps- for now, it needs to have a mode called


available. It could also just modify whatever the current view mode is but that seems risky, so, special mode.

RunPythonScript or

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes."

For adding to a button or alias.
Frame your objects/control points with a rectangle - like Zoom.


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yep, that’s it. Thanks. Super useful. Unfortunate Autodesk killed my IronPython, as I found out this morning. But from reading the code its pretty much what I guess it should be. I’ll port as a custom command in C#, I guess that’s faster than my IT support :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: