All geometry in perspective view disappears when I have line | plane


I am currently having an issue with grasshopper where the line | plane intersection component is causing all geometry to disappear from my perspective view.

The component in question:
bug line (4.0 KB)
I believe it might be an issue where the lines are parallel to the plane.
If I disable the component, the geometry reappears.

With the problematic component disabled:

With the problematic component enabled:

Another user reporting the same issue:

Is the intersection between the line and the plane really far away?

Unfortunately the line plane is parallel to the plane or close to it. It either results in null or a very large t value.

Yeah I’ve noticed before that sometimes geometry really far away causes the display to go haywire. I can’t remember whether the 4View command fixed it or not.

If this is still happening in Rhino 7 we’ll need to look into it and fix it.

This is Rhino 7 beta:

With the intersection component disabled:

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I’m currently replacing the line plane intersection component with the following python script so that I can view my work in the meantime.

ndotu = x.Direction*y.Normal
if abs(ndotu) > 0.01:
    w = x.From - y.Origin
    si = -y.Normal.Multiply(y.Normal, w) / ndotu
    a = si
    b = w + si * x.Direction + y.Origin
    a = None
    b = None

based on:

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