Rhino and grasshopper objects disappearing when rotating in the perspective view


I have a bug that seems to be similar as Elements disappearing when zooming out, but it is different. The perspective view disappears when I rotate the object in the perspective view between approx. 160 and 190 degree of the XY plane when grasshopper is on. Most of the rhino and grasshopper objects disappear in this section, but rhino annotation dots and curvature graphs by grasshopper stay visible. See this screen movie:

Here is the rhino and the grasshopper file: RapidHullGrasshopper_V1.46_WIP.gh (405.2 KB) MT2434_MoedervormL130Cb0.579_2020V02.3dm (389.5 KB)

Rhino version Version 6 SR22 (6.22.20028.13281, 01/28/2020)


Hi Bas,

The issue took a while to find due to the size of the GH file but it appears that this component is creating an object very far out in the X axis. With anything located at this location, and in the background of a given view, it causes the display to not draw the foreground objects. If you disconnect this component the display clipping goes away…

@Bas_Goris, can I just commend you on the cleanliness and organization of your script. Very well done for something this complicated.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your search. Indeed the size of this GH file is big.
I have two questions for you:

  1. Why is the display effected by a point of which the preview in grasshopper is disabled?
  2. How can I solve this now best? I do not need the point, but I need the x, y and z values for the multiplication. If I use PointDeconstruct first I will need a lot more steps for the same result. (as below example) Although it solves the issue.

cheers, Bas

Thanks Cameron, for the compliment!

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@DavidRutten Do you know if there would be a way to make GH only add to the scene extents when previews are visible?

I’m not sure sorry, much of your definition is not clear to me to make a better suggestion than the work around you came up with.

Thanks anyway

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I’ve also run into this problem with a far simpler script.

Any tips on quickly debugging? I haven’t found the offending node yet.

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