Geodesic dome with self supporting structures

Hi folks! Sorry for my questions, I’m new and I’m learning to use the software. I’m tryng to create a parametric model for a geodesic dome built with self supporting structure by Da Vinci made by bamboo (see figures below).

Taking as guidelines a geodesic dome calculator on the web (geodesic dome calculator), and a video by Om. egvo (link to the video), I’ve tried to create a geodesic dome with parameters similar to the acidome ones:

  1. radius
  2. frequency (level of details)
  3. part of full sphere
  4. the option for align the base

Now, this is my first question:

I’ve noticed that the values of lengths are different from the acidome ones, how can I obtain the same results? Where is the mistake? And how can I achieve the fourth point (align the base)?

Next, to be a beginner, I have no technical knowledge to think how to create the Da Vinci’ joints (mutual connections), Has anyone got any ideas? Assuming this is possible, can you add a parameter that takes account of the bamboo section tapering?

Thank you in advance.

2-162x162 1 geodesic (45.8 KB)

Hi there,

I’m keen to work on something like this for bamboo structures…

Have you made any progress?