Generic error occured: interested why?

Hey everyone,

Out of interest: I sometimes get these strange generic errors when using Python. Especially when I am trying to print like a big data structure that, I think, is not supported in panels. Does anyone have an idea why?

Hi @jobdvogel,

What version of Rhino are you using? Can you provide a sample that we can try here that repeats this?

– Dale

The panel has known issues with drawing large amounts of data:

Thank you for your reply!

I am using Rhino 7 , most recent update, on Windows. (btw, it also happens with R6) I added two situations in a GH file it happened to me:

  • Situation 1: a large list in list structure
  • Situation 2: a large dictionary structure

If you need a more simplified/extensive version of one of the situations, please let me know!

Most of the time I solve it by outputting it as a string and then in another python node, eval the type.

I think though, @AndersDeleuran already sent the reason why this is happening. (70.8 KB)

If you’re looking to inspect large chunks of data in GHPython, you should check this option:

Which enables the pre-Rhino 6 output panel:

Which is substantially more performant in several ways (see this thread for context). There are also some tricks you can use to make inputting and outputting large data lists/trees in GHPython substantially faster (see this old thread). Notably, using no input type hints and wrapping outputs in Python list/dict/class or Grasshopper types.

Thank you for your answers, very interesting to read! Very useful for my projects!

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