Grasshopper display error

I got the following “grasshopper display error” when trying to joint two lists of text of about 18770 rows and use a panel to display the joined text.

Now I’m blocked here and unable to export the output as text file.

May I ask why there is such error and how to solve it?



Are you joining it into a single huge block of text? If so, it may simply be too much for the panel to display that amount. GDI+ can handle lots of short items, but a single long item is difficult.

I’m not entirely sure how to fix it, if the display no longer works then obviously you cannot use the UI to undo the wire. Can you share the file here, or otherwise send it to my email (

Oh wait, there probably is a way. You need to disable the solver before opening the file, that will allow you to remove the panel before it tries to display that amount of data.