Generative design

Hello everyone
please for the second time I need your help, I want to create 9 buildings and I control their height each one alone with the minimum of sliders, if that is possible


What do you want to control for each building - their highest tower or the height of each individual tower (there’s 16 towers per building)?

If it’s just one tower per building then you’ll have 9 sliders, unless you want to specify a range and have each building height random within that range. Not really sure what you’re after.

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yes it’s true for each unit there are 16 towers , and I want to create 9 units, as shown in the photo
I want to create a script that allows me to change the heights of the towers for each unit alone
in principle I would like to have different units in terms of the height of the towers

If you want to change the height of each tower for each unit you’re going to have 16 units * 9 towers = 256 sliders?

I’m still not sure what you want. Surely you don’t need this level of control for each unit? Can’t you define the height of one tower per unit and let the other towers follow automatically from that via some function in a way that’s more generative?


yes it is logical to have 256 sliders, if I make a slider for each tower, and as long as I am going to do an optimization for these heights, I believe that this large number of sliders will have to take me a lot of time during the 'optimization

thank you Mr Joseph Oste, this time I was not able to find a solution to control the height of the towers, each one alone, and I avoided making 256 sliders (each tower has a slider) because it will cost me a lot of time during optimization

Have you checked this video?I am not sure what you are looking for, but you might find your answer