Minimum and maximum building dimensions represented through corresponding sliders

I am trying to visually represent the maximum and minimum allowable building size for a studio project in grasshopper.

The building can be a maximum of 110’ tall. It can have a maximum square footage of 20,000’ per floor. And a minimum of 50’ in the X and Y direction. It can’t have a longer diagonal length of 190’.

How can I create relationships between the sliders (floor square footage, length in the X direction and length in the Y direction and the diagonal length) which show the the minimum and maximum building dimensions? The script would show the immediate relationship between the four parameters.

This script is very simple and involves a function, I just can’t seem to figure it out.

So if you have three sliders that define the dimension of the building, and all are within their respective bounds, yet they result in an area or volume which exceeds the allowed limit, how do you decide which of the three is the aberrant one? Or do you want to modify the output of all three?