Advise on Generative design

Hey for my masster dessertation I am doing a project, of a tower consisting of individual housing units with gardens, this tower is generated on the basis of generative design. I have come this far, but now I am looking into how to make streets/connections to the ground and a supporting structure. I am a bit stuck in this as I do not know how and what to do. Do some of you have an idea in what direction I can look at? What type of plugins, or examples act. Also if someone has an idea or tips on how to make my setup quicker or more organised that would be helpfull. Thank you in advance. i hope i am not asking for to much or to general. if so sorry in advance. ViewCapture20210sssss308_155140|690x426

Gen (2.2 MB) Analyze2.3dm (11.0 MB)

I’d highly recommend you take a look at the Discover plugin. Its written by Danil Nagy. He has a lot of youtube videos and articles on medium that can teach you how to use it. It more user friendly than Galapagos - which would be another plugin you could look into.


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Thanks a lot looks an interesting person to follow and to learn from, right now I am using Wallace as an evolutionary enguine, and for now it’s been working sort of.