Creating variations of buildings size

I working on a neighborhood in grasshopper, and I want to select several buildings, which in lower heights from the other buildings. I’m interested in adding more “rooms” to thus buildings.
so far I was working with the galapagos, and selected the top faces of thus buildings, used sliders which jump from 1,3,5,7,9 to simulate rooms and defined max volume in the galapagos, and so far its does some variations in the block.

and then I wanted to add more room with different funcations with different volumes. It didn’t work in a single galapagos, so I used one galapagos to the first rooms and then took their top faces and raised them in the another galapagos. It’s look strange.

and the thing is that I want the galapagos won’t Necessarily raise all the faces, I want to see if I can to have variation of 2 faces of the 5 faces I have, or 3, and not always all the five.

can anyone assist me with that?
the code (273.1 KB)