Generating Value Lists in Visual Studio (C#)

Hello All,

I’m developing a project in C# on design and analysis of timber conections and would like to organize screws and nails inputs using value lists. I already looked into some tutorials ( but i’m still facing two major issues:

-The tutorial is about automatically generate a value list, but what I really want is that when you plug a generic value list as a input the list would change to the relevant information. (In a simillar way Elefront operates with Keys and Values when you reference a object)

-I would also like to this in subsections, as a example: I can have as first input the conection indentification, as nail or screw. With that value selected I would like to have acess of another value list about its specifications. (In the example of screws, I’m interested in adding the rhotoblass catalogue as selection, choosing the screw class and then the type). In top of all that it would be important that the output of the value list is the string itself (I already have tested and I only receive a integer on the sequence of the list), so I can correspond the screw/nail ID in a excel file and retreive all the information I need.

Do anyone have clues on that? It would help me a lot to develop a clean and robust plug-in for structural timber design.

Thanks in advance,
Márcio Sartorelli

I am interested in the same topic
could anybody give a hint here ?
David ?