Automated Value list C# Grasshopper

Hi , I am trying to create an automated value list that updates dynamically. I’am using James Ramden’s script for this task. Since I am a beginner I 'am having a bit of trouble getting it to work. Any help is appreciated- I’am getting alot of errors. The Gh file is attached below

Thanks in advance
Mr A.
.Automated (11.8 KB)

Any luck anyone?

You haven’t copied all the code, the // <Custom additional code> part is missing. The names of the outputs are in lowercase. This implementation is designed to read xml data, you don’t seem to want that given the input panel on your file. In that case use that script: (5.2 KB)

Amazing!!.. thanks for the help. Your solution seems super elegant. Although there is one more level complexity, The Values is not a “List” but rather a “TREE” . i tried changing the input from List Access to Tree Access but it generated errors. I know how lists work in C#, but have no clue about Tree structure. Is this even possible to do?

If you mean this, I don’t know any other way to do it.

Dear Dani,
Appreciate the prompt response. Kindly find the Gh file below. I have tried to explain in the best way possible with the actual data I have. I truly appreciate your help on (22.4 KB)

Mr A.

No puedes darle una lista/rama al ValueList, pero puedes convertirlo a una línea de texto con Text Join y después “explotarlo” a lista con Text Split como muestra la imagen anterior.

Hi, @Dani_Abalde thanks for sharing. I modified your code to dynamically rename the ValueList, but If I modify the Keys or Values it loses the current order selection(In this case 2nd and 4th value in the list), or the order in the drop-down list.
Any idea how can this selection be preserved? thank you (10.2 KB)