Generating Curvy Section

Hi all,

I am wondering, is there any way or plug-ins possible to cut a curvy section for curvy objects?
I try Section Tools but found that it can only cut straight sections…

Appreciate for any hints.


In the example the geometry is rather simple however when we deal with architectures we have to cut sections through panels, steelworks, RC etc.

I assume the section will be the result of the curved section shape projected on the object.

Create a curve with the desired shape of the section. Go to a view corresponding the direction the object will be projected on the object.

Use the Project command.

Alternative: Use ExtrudeCrv to extrude the section shape so that the extrusion passes through the object. Intersect the extrusion and object.

I would go with TweenCurves (you need two curves for that), and then either split or wire cut the object with generated curves. In case of splitting you need to do some additional work to close all the pieces into solids, such as extruding the tween curves, and trimming the extrusions against each piece. With WireCut you make sure to set KeepAll to “Yes”.

Hi Jack - do you mean a series of section normal to a curve? If that’s it and you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the script here:

Look for "Section objects radially or along a path curve. " Instructions for installing and using the scripts at the top of the page - this is very old and I have not run it in ages, but as far as I know it works…