Generating a Floor [Deck] Plan

I’ve created a file showing the interiors of a ship. It is all mostly open surfaces.

The attached file shows a sample showing the 2d deck (Red) and elements the touch that deck. Some of the elements are unique to the 2d deck (shown in blue) while other are extend through multiple decks.

Now I would like to generate traditional deck plans. I am asking the best way to go about this. All the floor plan examples I have seen in Rhino use sections. That will not work because only a three decks follow a section profile. For example, the 2d deck is discontinuous vertically in both the lengthwise and transverse directions. The area of the deck outside the torpedo bulkhead (green) dips below the deck inside the bulkhead. The hold deck is higher at the centerline and slopes downwards to the sides.

I thought about an intersection but that would create a giant mess.

Another issue is what do do about hatches. I have not added those yet. I was wondering what people do to make doorways show up, especially when the doorways are elevated above the floor (deck).

Hi @bigjimslade,
This depends how you organize it. I think that intersection actually work.
Before doing an intersection - just be sure that deck is extending beyond all objects - then you will get most clean intersections.
If you decks are trimmed - then create an Untrimmed copy and intersect all relevant objects with this one.

Kind regards,