Generated sweep1 curves with different width (&height)


I´d like to sweep a variety of curves with different width (and height optional) which should be adjustable along a given rail curve. Every 30 mm there must be a new curve which later assembly the total sweep.

(some width examples are: 6.3/5.4/4.5/3.4/3.2)

Due to that I made a adjustable curvedivision function.

01_question_different_curveshapes_sweep1ed.3dm (301.2 KB) (12.0 KB)

The generated curves should be orientated 90 degrees (better exactly in between the two intersections) on the rail curve at its position every 30mm)
2_question 3_question

Now I would love to have a tool where I can generate all the parameters of my different curves (it´s width and height) either with baking every new generated curve and later sweep1 them


even better to have a list where I can generate every curve and already see the possible sweep in grasshopper.

4_question 5_question

I´m rather new to this community and don’t have a lot of knowledge yet.

So I would be super thankful if somebody could help me or give me a tipp or strategy in what commands I should immerse myself.

Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland