Sweep non planar close curve rail

hi, i have an issue with sweeping a shape over a non planar curve.
To start with, within the curve the curve dont have a unified direction ( tried to offset the rail curve to try and see if the sweep 2 might end with better result). Though not 100% convinced this is the issue, but when sweeping i cant seem to get to a satisfying result whilst having a closed curve as railing.
Could please anyone help me figure this out? I’ve tried many things to fix it up but can’t seem to get it. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Q1A.gh (23.2 KB)

220712_Q1A_fix.gh (25.4 KB)
Can try a mesh sweep

Thank you for answering. I dont have access to the plugin you’re using (didnt find it on food4rhino). Although I was hoping to see where I messed up in my definition since a surface would make a cleaner section than a mesh (usually does anyways).

Think I found it, but still it doesnt lead to a clean sweep, or at least sufficiently clean.

I downloaded it from here for those interested.

I still think that the curve irregularity (Most probably the variety of directions) messes the sweep up.

Isnt there any way to make a proper sweep in this context?