Blend Curve and Sweep1 in Grasshopper


I am trying to simply Blend 2 curves and make a Sweep1 of the whole lines but it doesnt work, Sweep1 function is giving an error “Sweep could not be created”.

When I examined the function I have found that the error was given by the “BlendCurve” also the cross section of the Rails were made mixed althought the Section have orientation and rotation.

I try basically try to blend 2 curves and finally give all the joined lines a recangular section.

The files were uploaded,

Thanks for now. (44.4 KB)
Untitled.3dm (54.9 KB)

Take a look at the white group in the attachment… (46.3 KB)

What did the “RebuildCurve” change?

When we look at the panel it still shows the same definition which is “curve”. I mean why was that necessary?

Thank you for your reply.

Compare the control points between two curve groups…
You’ll know what I mean.(dirty vs clean, uneven vs even…)capture-20180218-065739