Generate flow curves in a surface

Hi, I’m barely new to Grasshopper and I was wondering if there’s a way to do this thing:

For example, I have this image and I would like to fill a surface with curves that follow the path of the face. I have no idea on how to do this and I know it’s really vague but maybe you have suggestions on what I should look for.


If it were an actual 3D model of face, you could compute the two principal curvatures and further process this into a grid of curves. I believe the QuadMesher that’s in the Rhino 7 WIP uses this method (or something like it) to generate its quad grid.

Thanks for the reply. And if I would like to stay on 2d and maybe, just wondering, draw manually a “curvature map” of the face? Unfortunately for this type of works I don’t have 3d models and I have to figure out a method to work this out

I think you could get away with manually drawing only some “key” curves, and then use the Tween Curve component to fill out the spaces in between. That said, you’ll probably need to think/iterate over how to lay out the topology of these curves/tweens such to generate a coherent “flow”.

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Not very happy with the result, but I was trying to deform by using force fields:

repel (11.7 KB) repel lines.3dm (60.6 KB)

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