Generate curve between two different curve for loft

hi, I have 2 curve (one is big and the second is smaller and rotate).
when Im trying to loft then I get unorganic shape. I think that if I could generate more curves between this two will help me loft organic shape.
here is an image of the curve:

if its help I want the big curve (the bottom one) to connect this shape (surface) with a “flowing” loft (like the surface get bigger till it get the bottom curve shape).

attached my gh and rhino file.

final (53.0 KB)
skyscaper.3dm (2.1 MB)

hope you understand me.


any help…?

Loft works well with the curves that produce the vertical tower because they are similar (in terms of control points) and flow nicely in space

imagine connecting the control points of each violet curve with the same control point of the next violet curve: you get those red flows that nicely wrap around your generator-curves

now, with this idea in mind, if you try to visualize how those vertical red flows could smoothly and organically keep flowing until they meet the big red silhouette on the bottom… well… that’s not as easy to visualize :slight_smile: but you get the idea :slight_smile:

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