Split a surface/polysurface with 2 or many open curves

temp.stp (10.6 KB)
I am working on similar type of problem(stp file), where i have a poly-surface/surface and 2 open curves (both curves has same name), I want to split surface with that 2 open curves. Is there any python function that takes surface id and curveid list as input to produce split surfaces. Its even good if the solution is not considering grasshopper.

Hello - not directly from Ids that I can see but using RhinoCommon, you can use Rhino.Geometry.BrepFace.Split(). This is a bit more work though.


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Hi @pascal ,
I find there is a rhino command that does what i wanted - rhino command “split”. I know i can use it using rs.command, but the problem is that it returns true or false, do you know how can we get guid instead of true or false for the newly split surface

Thanks in Advance

Use objs=rs.LastCreatedObjects() to get a list of objects that have been created by an rs.Command(...) operation.