Gemvision matrix clayoo vs. rhino 7


I’m going in a new direction with my 3D modeling and I am considering the purchase of Gemvision Matrix which includes the Clayoo software. It also includes v-ray…

IS this really just Sub-D and Rhino 7 - with some automation-templates designed specifically for the jewelry industry BUILT-IN ? IS IT WORTH IT? Can I accomplish the same thing in the same amount of time in rhino 7 sub-d as I can in Matrix ?

I would like to get some feedback from Matrix users and NEW Sub-D Rhino 7 users who pump out more customized jewelry _ stuff, we can make from scratch in Rhino. We wouldn’t need crazy pave settings and wedding rings that all look the same. We want to make floral pendants and custom faces for example. Eventually these will turn into 3d prints for wax.

It took me years to develop my skills in Rhino and I am always looking for shortcuts.

I want sub-d rhino 7 to be the answer but i’m wondering what the advantages of matrix might look like even when I purchase the rhino 7. Maybe I do not need matrix or clayoo. I’m actually thinking about just looking into sculpting tools / free plugins etc… suggestions welcome

Thanks Ya’ll

Hello Zale,

This is Oriol from Gemvision Team. Let me help you with some answers to your questions. First of all, Matrix was discontinued in September 2018. Gemvision is now fully focused on MatrixGold and CounterSketch.
MatrixGold is the natural replacement for Matrix and it also has Clayoo inside. MatrixGold will have a Beta version on Rhino 7 in late February, so any customer who has Rhino 7, will be able to run Clayoo and Rhino SubD inside the same software.
If you want to just do organic shapes, Rhino should be enough, but if you want to create jewelry, buying MatrixGold will give you a lot of tools that will help you to be more creative on all these designs that you are talking about. Keep in mind that you can find also in MatrixGold, Sculpt to use brushes in your meshes and Emboss to create relief from curves.
Having all these tools working together inside the same software is what will help you a lot and will save you time and problems.
Hope this helps to take the right decision.