Matrixgold and Rhino 7

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I have installed Rhino 7 and have Matrixgold installed. Matrixgold does not boot without Rhino 6. Is it something that I am missing? it installs the plug-ins but does not install clayoo.

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Is this a V6 plug-in we know about for V7?

I haven’t heard of issues with respect to MatrixGold, but I’m also not surprised if issues exist. Matrix tries to keep their users on specific versions of Rhino.

If you are using MatrixGold, you should continue to use Rhino 6 for the MatrixGold functionality.

Yes I have reinstalled 6. Pity. I want to use the new rendering of 7 in Matrixgold. Hope they support it soon as I bought 7.

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Pour Moi non!.. cela fonctionne Matrixgold 2.2 avec Rhinocéros 7.1 plutot bien…!
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Does anyone know how to support matrixgold with rhino 7?

Contact Stuller and get the latest update.