Gd&t asme y14.5-2009

CAD is relatively new to me and it has been decades since I’ve done any manual drafting as a contractor.
It occurred to me that before I submit drawings to machine shops for quotes on the high (100,000) RPM carbon fiber parts I’m designing I should review the topic of correctly dimensioning my models, especially with respect to concentricity. To that end I purchased the textbook Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design by G. Cogorno.
As I came across terms, topics or features in the book that I had not yet used in Rhino, e.g. title block, GD&T and feature control frame I’d try looking them up. I found the discussion about title blocks in Layouts and have downloaded the tutorial file. Judging from the dearth of information in the Help files and from searching the forums and the web, am I to assume that GD&T is outdated, that it is not necessary when using tools such as Rhino? I find that hard to believe. I was hoping to find Help topics to guide me to easy implementations of the standards and perhaps some plug-ins to take the drudgery out of the process but so far have come up empty-handed. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

GD&T are annotations attached to face, edges, points of the model.
In a layout view you can draw anything you want. But there’s no library of standard GD&T symbols in Rhino, you’ll have to draw them yourself.

Thanks Marc.