Gap between surfaces after split

I’m making an Audi R8 in Rhino V5 and everything looked great until I started splitting the surfaces at the rear. Then the surfaces left the surfaces surrounding them creating the gaps that can be seen in the pictures. I have tried joining the surfaces etc but the problem remains. I have other small cracks as well but most of them disappears when I join them, not this one tho… The odd thing is that everything looked great with the Emaps and Zebra before i split them… I did not split at the edge that has created a crack. Can i do anything about it or is it too late? what can i do next time to prevent these to appear? I include both the file and a picture of the crack.

Thanks a lot
Mattias Pettersson

Could this be related to the render meshes? After splitting, each surface gets its own render mesh. If your settings are not fine enough, you will see small gaps, which are nothing more than an artefact of the rendering. One quick way to check is to see if the gaps are still there in Wireframe mode.

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You might benefit from the ApplyShutLining tool as well instead of splitting the surfaces.

Thanks a lot for the fast answers @menno and @John_Brock! Will try the applyshutline next time :slight_smile: concerning the mesh settings, i changed the settings to smooth & slower instead of fast & jaggered. The results were as follows:
The gap i was concerned about previously almost dissapeared entirely.
Other small cracks got visible, so this was not a solution (although it was very much better!). In the line mode the cracks are not visible from what i can see, so i think it is some visual setting. I attach a photo of the rear with slow & smooth settings.

So yes, this is definitely a visualization artifact from the meshes. When you join the polysurface and no internal naked edges are left after joining, the cracks will also go away because the meshing algorithm knows to “stitch” the seam closed.

But, joining the surfaces you just split may not be your final objective…

Hi, It still does not work. The big seam is still there but the smaller ones disappear… when i Mesh the surfaces together it becomes much better but it is still possible to see them leave each other… anyone know how to fix this? @menno

Sorry, no idea other than what I said earlier…

Hi Mattias- if for some reason you need this to be perfect but not actually joined - say for a rendering - you can Join, Mesh the result and then Explode the mesh- it will not show any gaps at edges that were correctly joined before the Mesh command. Hide the surfaces and use the mesh to render.

MeshMatching.3dm (158.8 KB)


Hi Mattias, I suggest you explode the mesh, hide the surface, then rejoin the mesh, then render it.