Gallery: Train Project - Exterior and Interior

Some images from my last train project.

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Image source - Siemens AG


These look terrific Micha! Aren’t the 3D people from AXYZ awesome – they save so much time over having to put 2D people in in post.

Thank you. Right, the scanned mesh people makes the render life much easier. I wished I could find a way for posing. Could Anima do the job?

From my understanding Anima could do the job. If you test it out, please let us know.

Also, I emailed AXYZ about two months ago, and they tell me that they are planning on doing Alembic export soon from their Anima software. So, I’m hoping that Bongo will accept Alembic in version 3, as adding people animation to architectural renderings would be awesome.

Also, I’ve used DAZ Studio, and it’s posing is extremely easy to do, and the object export comes in perfectly to Rhino. The ONLY catch here, is the clothing. You’d need to purchase or make the clothes for the models in Daz. I used Daz on a project where I needed a bunch of mannequins in a Surf Shop interior project, so clothes weren’t as big of an issue.

I’m so busy this days that I don’t tested Anima yet. It’s on my list.

If I need posed people than I use Quidam. It was quite nice but the people are not so realistic. It’s a pity that Quidam isn’t available anymore.

Fantastic work Micha!

Lovely work Micha, I vote for more bicycle stands on trains and to move the emergency button in toilets away from the flush button - as I once brought a train to a complete standstill whilst the guard investigated - had to hide my face all the way back to my seat.


Excellent work, the materials are quite nice, the reflections are well controlled; not disturbing at all and I know it must have been a concern!
One small thing that I spot immediately; the bicycle is mirrored… I don’t think a left-hand drivetrain ever existed on a bike. :wink:

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I’m sure that one of the cycle teams during the Rio Olympics had bikes with the chain drive on the left hand side. The theory being the extra weight would help them turn on the banked circuit, or something like that.

I must add - fantastic work, Micha. Your renderings are superb.

Beautiful work. Sharp and clean. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

And in the future I will avoid mirrored bikes. :slight_smile:

Great work Micha! :+1::+1: :slight_smile:


The two end-driver rail-cars are low-floor, while the two center coaches are double-decker.
I like so! Which renderer-software and post-processing editing are you used?

Vray 2 + Photoshop