Galaxy Book Pro 360

Hello : is anyone running rhinocad on a Galaxy Book Pro 360? Wondering if pen works with rhino and overall performance?

Inadequate Intel IrisGPU:

Thanks. Any recommendations?

Start here:

Thanks :blush:

Of course what you were looking at there are super thin and light models that barely have enough RAM and storage to run actual Windows software and what we’re saying is ideal is a considerably less portable gaming laptop, so…eh it’s a matter of what you really want this for. To the kids looking for a laptop for school my question would be, do you really need one? If you do it’s probably not for Rhino, you’re not going to be doing serious CAD work sitting at a little cafe table with no mouse on a tiny screen and precious little battery life for this stuff.

I do have a desktop that it runs on and that’s way underpowered but it get the job done with some frustration.
I was looking for something to make small changes on the shop floor, maybe when traveling, the coffee shop but not for my day to day set up…
The price caught my attention over the surface pro but maybe it’s no deal.

Then maybe it would be okay, but that’s your decision.
I have, and dislike, a MS Surface Pro. Ridiculously overpriced, and just painful to use.
If possible, I’d recommend trying Rhino on one to see what YOU think.

A tool should be a pleasure to use. If it’s painful, you won’t reach for it.

I just got a Surface Pro 8, lol…don’t really intend to do much Rhino stuff on it, unless maybe I stream my desktop to it…

Very true, it can always double as an oversized tablet I guess lol

:blush: try it out

Well it didn’t crash on the one modest file I tried out for a few minutes. Trying to use the pen for input is a bit…that will take some getting used to. Hand gestures for pan/zoom/rotate are fine. Of course I have a pretty good desktop and got the Surface for mostly non-Rhino stuff, I can’t in good conscience actually recommend anything with comparable specs for actually working, it might be okay for showing people stuff in the field. A Lenovo Yoga might be a more practical option with better specs for less money? The speakers are really good,though.

Thank you for trying it out. :blush: