Galapagos bugs?

Hello all,

I am playing with Galapagos and had 4 questions. I know this is an older product, but it is so straightforward at solving my problem I really want it to work!

1 - Was the “timeout” bug ever fixed? Currently, when you ask Galapagos to only run for 1 minute, it ignores this and runs indefinitely.

2 - Is there any way to save settings? I have several iterations to run, and I have to set the “calculation type/speed” to be at the fastest (no display) setting. It would be great if it remembered that as default.

3 - I know this has been mentioned, but I would love a way to trigger Galapagos to Start/Stop externally; at LEAST from within GH, and ideally from outside. I’m no Python wiz, but I feel like there must be a way…

4 - Speaking of Python - if #3 above is not possible, perhaps I should rebuild the Galapagos logic as a Python script? Does anyone have any resources for a newbie to approach something like that?

I’m digging into Galapagos because I have an ongoing need to process hundreds of meshes for fitness in a 4-criteria situation. I need to be able to cycle through 1 mesh (1 minute of Galapagos yields ideal result for Mesh1), next mesh (1 minute of Galapagos yields ideal result for Mesh2), etc.

Thanks in advance!