G2 Wishlist?

Hi All -

It’s been fun starting to explore G2 - seems crazy powerful, and a real re-think - however I quickly found a feature that was priceless in G1, but has not made it in G2. Is there a process for submitting additions/feature requests?

For those interested, the G1 feature is the CurvatureGraph - which displays in real-time the curvature graph for a curve. I built some tools I use almost daily to fair surfaces, and they rely on the ability to generate those graphs on the fly for a set of sections I create in Grasshopper.

Since I can run both G2 and G1 on the same model, it’s not a big concern, but I’m worried that for philosophical reasons, it won’t get carried across! :slight_smile:


Nope, just haven’t gotten around to that. It’s going to be slightly more work in GH2 since the display code has been fenced off more. So I have to code up this visualisation from scratch.

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First prototype. The outer graph and the spoke lines are outputted separately, so you can assign different colours to them or indeed hide them altogether.

The range input allows you to only show that part of the graph which is within the specified curvature domain, in this case here [0.3, +infinity].


Will there be full backwards compatibility with older GH files?

No. The components are oftentimes different between versions.

Upgrading old files currently either replaces old components with one or more new ones that are known to sort of do the same thing, or it creates little container objects which internally maintain a GH1 component to solve behind the scenes. There’s some overhead involved in that solution plus it requires GH1 to be loaded.

As time goes on we’ll improve the dedicated upgrader logic to cover more and more components. But this is quite a lot of manual work so it’s slow going.

Damn -

Careful, this type of fast response might get people used to it :slight_smile:

Thanks, that looks awesome.

It’s been interesting diving into R8 and G2 - so many little things we take for granted that we might need to get used to doing differently or lobby to get carried over as they were really good!


It’s fun writing code which displays colours. I’ve also started a few other display analysis components.

Draft Angle:


More to come and I’m also looking at ways to improve the visual quality of the mesh colours.


Today’s GH2 alpha has the curvature graph components as well as some other visualisations. You’ll find them in the Display.Analysis panel.


Just noticed this - Thank you!!!