G2: Wire Display By Zoom Level

Feature wish (apologies if this has already been suggested):

Since G2 wires are now selectable, why not add an input allowing their visibility to be set per zoom level? The user could select the wires, right-click, and enter a zoom range for visibility: z > 100, 100 > z > 50, z < 5, etc.

At the broadest zoom level, I’d use this to show wires carrying data between groups of components. Wires within the groups would be invisible.

As you zoom into the group, the group’s input-output wires disappear and wires within the group become visible.

This would greatly reduce the visual complexity of the canvas, while also maintaining the specificity of local wire connections.

I know @DavidRutten that you’re not a fan of wire display options, but it seems like this would be pretty simple (?) and mimic the elegant ways zoom is already used in the current UI. Just my two cents.