Data transmitter to tidy wires up

I quite often like to feed some data back to the left hand side of my canvas - where inputs etc. are collated. When this is from a source way to the right of my canvas it leaves a rather untidy wire that projects way beyond the component it is feeding into.

Is there a transmitter type component with GH that I can use to do this / another solution? - I think the plugin telepathy could be used to achieve this.

Hide the wire.

Yes I can do this - I would just like to remove the wire entirely in this case but still have the data linked.

I use a toggle to change are wire displays across scripts so would appreciate not having to go back to these cases and hide again

Ah, I don’t agree that routinely hiding all wires is a good idea. Just makes it impossible to read the code.

As @Joseph_Oster mentioned it’s not a good idea. But you can do it like this: