Mesh Wires Disappearing Under Zoom for Shaded Display Modes

I am using Rhino to produce images of meshes. I need both the wires and the shading on a mesh. However, when I zoom in to a mesh beyond some threshold, the wires on my shaded mesh disappear. How can I ensure that these wires appear, in addition to the shading? (For example, see attached images.)
Thank you!

Less Zoom, Wires Showing

Further Zoom, Wires Missing

Hello - can you post that file or send to along with a link back here to this topic?


Thanks for the quick reply, Pascal. I looked into this a bit more. It appears that the error particularly happens when Grasshopper is loaded and the spline from which the mesh is generated is selected as a Grasshopper BRep (see attached, mostly-empty Grasshopper file). Here are the files: (2.4 KB) visualization_annulus_error.3dm (103.4 KB)

Hi - I am not able to reproduce that issue here. I see that you are running Rhino 6.10. Could you first please update to the current 6.23 version and try again?