G-code for Mach 3 - Custom built robot arm


(Splint) #1


I’m giving some thought to building a robot arm which would be run by g-code through Mach 3. I see there are ways of generating g-code using software like kuka prc and HAL but they appear to be suitable only for the commercially available robots like Kuku, ABB, not for custom built robots.

Is it possible to create g-code using Grasshopper? Any other viable options?


(Wim Dekeyser) #2

A very quick run through Google gives me this:



I think they have used it to control 5-axis cnc…

(Splint) #4

Thanks Wim and Wagner. I’m not sure if those programs are set up to handle the kinematics of a robot arm. The kinematics of a gantry type machine are very different from that of a robot arm, that’s why very few cam and machine control programs are compatible with robot tool paths. Thanks for your feedback anyway.