Use own robot in Grasshopper

Hi all

I am trying to use the robotic plugin in Grasshopper to control a local commercial robot arm. I am able to use the UR10 fine however when I try to replace the xml and cad files with the new robot, it will not accept it. I assume brands like Universal robots and Kuka have libraries installed in grasshopper and accept them as known robots. What do I need to do to allow grasshopper to accept my CAD model and xml file and allow me to use it in the simulation?

Thank you in advance

you need to understand that “robotic plugin” is not native to grasshopper, grasshopper does not have any robot libraries by default.
to receive help you’ll have to tell us which plugin you are using (HAL, furobot, KUKA PRC, robots, machina…etc) and provide us the configuration files and grasshopper file.

your explanation is too brief, “will not accept it” doesn’t tell us what the problem is, could be your configuration file is wrong, you put them in the wrong place, our you’re connecting the components wrong.