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I am trying to use the robotic plugin in Grasshopper to control a local commercial robot arm. I am able to use the UR10 fine however when I try to replace the xml and cad files with the new robot, it will not accept it. I assume brands like Universal robots and Kuka have libraries installed in grasshopper and accept them as known robots. What do I need to do to allow grasshopper to accept my CAD model and xml file and allow me to use it in the simulation?

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you need to understand that “robotic plugin” is not native to grasshopper, grasshopper does not have any robot libraries by default.
to receive help you’ll have to tell us which plugin you are using (HAL, furobot, KUKA PRC, robots, machina…etc) and provide us the configuration files and grasshopper file.

your explanation is too brief, “will not accept it” doesn’t tell us what the problem is, could be your configuration file is wrong, you put them in the wrong place, our you’re connecting the components wrong.

Hi Yu (794.5 KB)
RhinoSetup.3dm (20.7 KB)

RAWRobotics.xml (1.2 KB)
RAWRobotics.3dm (5.3 MB)

Thank you for getting back to me, I apologise for the delayed response.

The robot arm I am wanting to use is an Orion5 by RawRobotics: Orion5 Robotic Arm

It is a 5 axis robot arm for education use. I have attached the 3D model, xml, Rhino setup file and grasshopper files I have used to try and simulate the robot in grasshopper. The Rhino file just provides a path for the grasshopper to follow, making it easier for you to test it. The current grasshopper code work for a UR10 however when I try to change over to the Orion5, it is unable to find the files. I assume it is an issue with where the files are placed and potentially a misalignment with naming. I have placed the xml and 3d models in the same folder as the script and in the “documents/robots” folder.

Please let me know if it works for you and how I am supposed to correctly set this up.

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Pretty sure Robots will not work with you robot.
The IK for Robots assumes you have a a spherical wrist, where A4 and A5 are perpendicular, A5 and A6 are perpendicular, but in the case of Orion, A4 and A5 are parallel. I currently do not know of any robot plugin that works with this kind of configuration.

Also, you should take a look at your UR10 configuration file, and notice how the layer names of the file is very specific, you can’t just name your layers whatever you want and expect the plugin to be able to find the right geometry.
The robot model has to be a mesh, one mesh per layer.

Robots isn’t very well documented, but spend some time and try to understand the pre-existing configuration files, they contain all the information you need to configure your own files.

Hi Yu

Thank you for responding and pointing out that the robot gemoetry may not work with the “robots” plugin. I will have to think of another approach to achieve this.

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Could someone explain how i could get an XML for a robot? I have the 3dm file but can’t figure out the rest. Along with end effectors.

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If you understand what a Kinematics Diagram is, you should be able to look at pre-existing XML documents and adjust accordingly

if you have 0 knowledge of robot kinematics, it’s probably faster to contact Vicente, and pay for his services
visose / robots

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