Gcode in grasshopper and suitable hardware

Hi there,

I’m trying to work on a project using gcode plugins like silkworm and xylinum for grasshopper as I think they are quite good to start with. Are there any other Plugins you could recommend?
Another thing is that I’m planning to buy a rel. cheap 3d printer as a start to test and modify.
I thought about this one https://hobbyking.com/en_us/tronxy-x-3-desktop-3d-printer-kit-w-auto-level-eu-plug.html as it has a relatively large building area and a simple design.
I was just wondering as I’m not very experienced in this field if it works together with the plugins? meaning running the gcode I will be generating with grasshopper (I know that for example makerbot doesn’t allow externally generated code)? any ideas or experiences? many thanks for helping me!
all the best

It says that printer can use Slic3r or Cura etc to generate the G-Code so I would assume you could create your own G-Code using the above plugins although I haven’t tried them. Is there a specific reason why you want to generate your own G-Code rather than just use Slic3r for example? I would certainly recommend using Slic3r (or Cura etc) too so you can look at the G-Code they create and check any G-Code you generate yourself against code you know should work. A sort of safety check if you like - when G-Code goes wrong it can break a machine!

The printer looks OK for the price. I would say you might want to add some better triangulation to the 2 vertical beams to stiffen it up and also look at getting a surface for the glass bed like this… 3D Print Surface Adding a surface like this to my printer was the best thing I did as it helps the prints stick to the bed when printing but they come off the bed easily once it cools down.

I would recommend starting with PLA filament as this is much easier to print than ABS. If you need tough materials like ABS then look at Floreon 3D Print Filament … It is PLA but has additives to make it much tougher / stronger.