Does anyone ever have the problem that they can only see the CPlane in one viewport and not the others?

Hi, I keep having the problem where my CPlane disappears in three viewports and one stays in one (usually top view and mostly perspective but never both). I’ll be looking at the exact same objects with all four screens up but I can’t every get it back in all four. It sometimes resets if I open up a new file and will if I Export selected. I’ve tried resetting the CPlane too but nothing happens.

When this happens, if your cursor is in one of these viewports with no Grid showing, is the current coordinate display a really big number?

I suspect you have moved something way, WAY off the grid and Zoom Extents is having to Zoo back so far the Grid display is just a single pixel.

Hi Ashlyn, is it possible you turned them off ? F7 turns them on and off in each viewport. Just another possibility. —-Mark

I don’t think that’s it because everything is zoomed in the same when this happens, all objects in clear view.

Perhaps, I did push this button for some reason yesterday, interesting that it would affect files later today just randomly after I’ve already created and been working on the model. I’ll keep an eye out and if it happens again click F7 in those viewports.