Further development

Iris is an awesome and much needed tool.
I have been using it for many years.
Luis, thank you very much for it!
Will you continue to refine it?

We have several developments ongoing which “refine” the work done in Iris. Mainly, the rhino3dm.js library and the 3dmLoader for three.js which allows you to open a 3dm file directly in the three.js editor.

We are also working on prototypes that take advantage of this, for example, rview.

Finally, @mkarimi is developing viewport.xyz, an excellent viewer for 3dm files and other formats.

If these don’t cover your needs, I’d love to hear about that and what you are missing that is included in Iris.

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I am using google translate. Some of my wording may look strange. Sorry about that.

I really like that Iris allows you to create offline html files.
I would be happy to see Iris Text Dots and a layer tree: