Fun With Sine Curves!

Hi everybody! First post here!

My name is Ramiro Sena, and I am young architect from Argentina :argentina:. Here, we have had one of the longest quarantines, and we are still to expect the second wave, so… I decided it was a good use of time to launch my designs into the world.

I have been using Rhino and GH since Architecture school but it was always rather abstract, so now I am testing the waters for architectural renderings and product design!

Been playing a little with sine waves lately… So, as it couldn’t have been any other way :triangular_ruler: I applied them to a generic building I modeled out of the real world.

At first the cornices were just that, but then they turned into balconies, so the sine wave acquired a whole new function (pun intended): in addition to being beautiful and sensual, the phase shift makes up for a better sunning than if all balconies had a straight axis on top of each other.

Below some of the very simple renders done with V-Ray Next.

I am going to be uploading daily stuff to my Instragram not limiting to architecture. Expect generative art, product design, landscape and maybe some programming, so if you are into any kind of that stuff maybe you will enjoy the stay.