"Dyer Pavilion" work-in-progress studies

Composition mock-up (the top image, a collage of captured viewports with custom viewport display modes) and photovoltaic array studies (the other two, which are screen captures from Rhino that I saved for reference).


Do you have any more views of the inside, plans etc? The design is super cool!

Thanks, still working on it. This is only a personal project, so I have to fit it around other tasks. Also, just for design practice, I decided to take into account the built-in-the-water aspect. Even though I have a sort of non-imaginary site for it (on a sandbar off the Isle of Grain at the mouth of the River Medway, opposite Sheerness, in the UK), that meant I had to start thinking about causeways, tidal ranges, mooring and so forth. I’ll get it done eventually. It’s all solids, in terms of Rhino geometry, so it might be fun eventually to make the mother of all 3D-printed architectural models from it.