Frozen Viewports?

I have tested in model space only.

RestoreViews: nothing happens, still locked
ReplaceViews: Everything works OK again
RecreatePipelines: Everything works OK again
ResetOpenGLRecources: nothing happens, still locked
RecreateAllHandles: Everything works OK again

I have done this scheme both forward and backwards and I have also done it without restarting the test and the result is the same every time. I have also tested with waiting for the sleep to occur and with only the screen saver going in and the result is the same.

Hi @Goswin, A change has been made in the latest WIP that attempts fix the “region” bug…I know you’re out, but I’m just typing this now so I don’t forget.

Note: This is not in regards to the frozen viewports discussed in this thread…this is about the video you posted where areas of the viewport are clipped. Also, please let me know if you managed to reproduce this problem in V5 per my instructions earlier.


Hi @permalare,

Great! This is good news to me… The next weekly WIP will have more options (specifically to address Layouts), but it sounds like RecreatePipeline and RecreateAllHandles seems to be getting things unstuck, so I’m going to concentrate on what it is they’re doing to see if I can come up with a more targeted fix.

Thanks again for all the feedback and of course patience on this one.


@SamPage, Any chance to test “RecreatePipelines” and “RecreatedAllHandles” for model space freeze?


Sorry, yes, same results as permalare in model space for RecreatePipelines and RecreateAllHandles. One request for next WIP, could you make a command for this? Sometimes I fix model and exit forgetting to fix layout and it would be nice to not have to wait for screen saver to kick on to get it back. (I think RecreatePipelines fixes it everywhere regardless of what space I’m in, so I can just remember to use that one)


Any one? … You mean something like “TestRecreatePipelines” ?


I had been using RepalceViews in model then switching to Layout and using RecreatePipelines, but it looks like if I just use RecreatePiplelines, it fixes it everywere (except the active detail in layout), so I can just use that, and I don’t think you need to bother with a special command for me.


Can you elaborate on that one? Are you saying that the active detail (i.e. it’s been double-clicked and is in edit mode) is the only thing frozen? That’s hard to diagnose since an “active” detail sucks up all mouse events…If you deactivate it and then reactivate it, is it back to normal?


So if I leave Rhino sitting with a detail active (double clicked into and in edit mode) and get into the frozen viewport state, initially everything is frozen and RecreatePipelines will fix everything except the layout which had the active detail. Both the layout that the detail exists on and the detail remains frozen, nothing on that sheet will redraw. If I look at properties, I can see that I can double click in and out of the detail, but the layout and detail are still frozen, regardless if the detail is active or not. All other layouts, and their details will be OK. Double clicking in or out of the frozen detail will dump me out of Monitor state changed command. I can get that frozen sheet back if I double click out of the detail (I have to look at properties to see if I’m out), let the screen saver kick on again, then when I get the Monitor state changed command I can use RecreatePipelines, and that will fix that layout and detail (because the detail is no longer active).

Hope that is clear,

I looks like the problem is solved in the last WIP @jeff

It seems better on my end as well, but I do get the following Rhino error on returning:

OpenGL Error Occurred

display_ogl\RhEngine_GL33.cpp (3041 | GL45): invalid operation

Well, better in that it isn’t frozen, but curves stop displaying if GPU tessellation is on.


@SamPage Sorry for the delay…

Hmmm, that was supposed to have been fixed…and I’m pretty sure it made this week’s WIP. I’m still trying to figure out why the curves fail to come back (they’re there, just can’t see them. You can select them and they will display…jogging them and an undo should bring them back)… Hopefully I’ll have a better handle on this before next WIP.


@SamPage Do you get that error every time, for every model? Or just a specific model? Display mode independent?

If possible, I’d like to get a 3dm file that exhibits this GL error…I’m not seeing it here… I’m assuming you’ve enabled the GL warnings using “TestGLWarnings” ? Or are you seeing these errors somewhere else?

Also, can you post the version info you see on Rhino’s “About” screen.


I’ll have to investigate this for you. I am currently between two models, so I have two instances of Rhino open, and I thought it was on both of them, but I’ll pay more attention to where and when I see it.

6.0.17234.9201, 08/22/2017

Jeff, I don’t see the bug anymore.

Hi Jeff

Frozen viewport no more…thanks!

“Delete hole” in the
solid tools tab don’t work, that’s probably a smaller problem!


jeff [1] McNeel
July 31

@Christian2 [2]
Thanks…However the distance in time between those two versions is
huge…so unfortunately trying to find the differences between them
would yield months of changes.


Please create a new topic for the Delete hole issue. I think you might get better help then.


Use the ToolbarReset command…

DeleteHole was removed as a command and replaced by UntrimHoles. There should be an upcoming internal alias for DeleteHole to UntrimHoles, but it’s not there yet.

Here is the YouTrack issue.


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