From 123D to rhino and optimizing

Hi everyone; First of all, sorry for my english (i speak french)
I’m here because i try to use Rhino
Today i made a scan thanks to 123D, the result was great, and i saved it in .OBJ
Then i opened it in Rhino, I smooth (?) the object, but i wanna complete this (it misses the ground of the object)
When i click on the object, all the mesh is selected
If i tried to complet the holes, there s just some lines, who cut the curve of my object
So i wanna know if you can help me, (if you did understand me…:-))) )
Thank s a lot !!

Hi Stappi- if you can, please post the file here.


There is a print screan, i send you the file

2.3dm (483.8 KB)

Hi Stappi - I’m not sure if something like this is what you are after -

2_PG.3dm (533.1 KB)

_SplitDisjointMesh to remove the small ‘island’.

_PatchSingleFace to add some triangles all around the edge.

_Weld at 180 degrees. _FillMeshHole to close up the little
hole (_ShowEdges will show you where that is)

_SelNakedMeshEdgePt to
select all the edge points _SetPt to set the Z level of all the points at the edge.

_FIllMeshHole to close the bottom…

_UnifyMeshNormals once at the end to clean up - I did not do this on the file I posted so it will look funny…


Hello , thank you very much
But, what are you talking about with the “small island”?
If i do like you on the original file, if i SplitDisjointMesh, not much changed, but in fact i can delete this little part

is that well what you wanted to do ?

What’s the utility of Weld the object ? and why at 180 degrees ?

When I want to Fill the hole, it doesn’t

but when i do UnifyMeshNormals, everything is completed, can you just explain me why ? why the FillMeshHole wasn’t enough?

So first thank you for this part, i learned some precious command

But if i can be annoying… the ideal was that the ground of the object was not some verticals and a large horizontal surface, but a curve, similar to the interior curve of the object
Maybe should i copy/cut the inside curve if i want her similar ? But how can i select just a part of the mesh ?
Thank you !!

Hi Stappi-

Yes, exactly, to get rid of the extra little disjoint part.

If you explode the mesh, you’ll see that it breaks up into several parts - this is beacuse there are mesh vertices that are not welded at these ‘seams’. You’ll also see that the SelNakedMeshEdgePt command selects these unwelded vertices, which is not good for what I wanted to do- I only wanted the outer edge points. Welding combines these vertices and makes them a single vertex. The weld angle determines how sharp an edge will be welded (Weld a MeshBox at 89 and at 91 degrees to see the difference). 180 degrees means that all possible edges/vertices will be welded. After a weld at 180, a mesh should not Explode into multiple pieces.

Correct - before this command the mesh is closed but all the mesh face normals were not aligned. On closed objects, Rhino never displays the back side of the faces - soe faces were flipped inward, so the back was out and because the obkect is closed, Rhino does not display this back face and the object then looks open. UnifyMeshNormals helps make sure that all faces have ‘correct’ normals.

Yep, that is what I thought you might want, but there is not enough information to do this without quite a lot of extra work and guessing.