French User for Rhino 6 : Subdivision


I bought last week a license for Rhino 6 for Windows.
I could see on the web, that there’s no subdivision option in this release.
I have to download an update on the mc neel website :slight_smile:

But i dont’ understand something.
When i want to install it, a window ask me to certify the rules of the software. I check it.
And at this moment, i have to enter my license key. But there’s no field.

I have a look for my window licnese in Rhino 6 and tell me that’s running and will never expirate.

In someone can help me or reply to this message in French. That’s will be great. Thanks a lot.


I just look for a process in order to smooth or subdivide my mesh …

Bonjour @favier.thomas -

Can you send us a screenshot of the messages you’re getting? Vous pouvez nous écrire en français si vous le preferez…


It’s been fixed.

Great, thanks @KelvinC!