Freeform concave surface formation

There’s a somewhat tricky arrangement of curves which I’d like to smoothly cover with a surface. All of the curves intersect, but given the UV directionality, this has been difficult to accomplish. Any thoughts on best practices here? Many thanks for any suggestions!
shell_mesh.3dm (65.0 KB)

I would make a Loft with the back curves and then adjust the points a bit.

in this case I rebuilded the black curves to have only 5 control points degree3 and splited the perimeter to have 2 more curves at the ends, also with the same 5 points degree 3 so the surface is clean enough to match the shape and has few points to tweak a bit.

One thing to mention is that your curve network does not intersect in a couple of places. Running the intersect command shows these up (image below left). Once these are fixed, you can then use the dreaded networksrf, although you have to add a couple of ‘corners’ which are actually tangential. Not entirely satisfactory to the purist, but does create a UV surface that runs through the curve network.

Lofting is definitely a good plan to keep continuity of curvature as Diego shows, depends on how closely you need to match the curves I guess. Maybe someone on the forum knows a happy marriage between the two!

shell_mesh_edit.3dm (431.2 KB)

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Many thanks for your thoughts! While your loft technique is pretty effective, I was hoping that the generated surface would pass through all of the curves shown. Tolerances are very tight in this particular case.

Thanks John! I’m not opposed to using the infamous NetworkSrf, but I’m also not against extending the existing geometry somehow in order to allow this to be done properly. In this case, I need to match the given curves within 0.1mm.